About Us

AppySwappy is a new kid on the block which is here to promote a new economic era with the help of barter based economy. We are bunch of passionate monks who are ready to sell their cycles and are thriving to revolutionize the economic climate by making market place for idle and unused resources. Our mission is spearheaded and managed by a enthusiastic group, who are gritty enough to promote a parallel barter economy.

AppySwappy is here to incubate a people-centric economy, which is healthy and futuristic in nature. Our prime motto is to promote we-commerce. Philanthropy is another strong pillar on which we stand and we believe. We are promoting the joy of giving through this unique exchange platform which we have curated in this virtual e-commerce market.

How does it helps?

Barter is a system, where there is exchange of goods and services for other goods and services in return without using money as the medium of exchange. Utilization of idle resources is another key and the most significant advantage of this process. For example, if you own two laptops and one is lying useless in your home and at that time you need a new mobile for your mother and if you get a chance to get a new mobile for your mother by exchanging one of your laptops then that’s an excellent deal and proper utilization of the ideal resources.

The barter based economy is extremely transparent as you are exchanging one good with another, so the probability of any fraudulent activity is minimal. Apart from that, it saves lots of paper which is extremely important to keep the balance of the eco-system.

Can barter system fit into the modern economy?

Barter system was part of our culture in king's period some years back. This is a method of exchange, where people exchange their goods and services for beneficiary of something in return. In ancient times, people of same area were involved in this system. But now due to internet facilities, there is a big boost of globalizing this system.

Today, there has been many economic dis-balances and increase in the cost of products in our country. And common people are not acquainted with this environment. Barter system can help these people to live a more joyful life in this kind of situation, as this system uses no monetary transactions. It is simply “Give and Take” system.

Our apps will be live soon so stay tuned with the latest updates